News about biodegradable paper lid in Glaman

Jan 11 , 2021

News about biodegradable paper lid in Glaman

biodegradable paper lid

With the gradual introduction of the ban on plastic products, many countries have had to replace their original plastic products with environmentally friendly and biodegradable disposables.

In addition to degradable plastic bags and paper tubes, Glaman eco-friendly biodegradable paper lid has also become the choice of many businesses. due to the ecofriendly PLA material, Glaman paper lids are hot-sale in the market all over the world.

At the same time, because the biodegradable materials are in the early stage of industrial development, the existing industries are small and dispersed, so the recent cost of PLA material is relatively high. If you see biodegradable products on the market at the same price as ordinary plastics, or cheaper than ordinary plastics, it may be not biodegradable materials.

So I hope you choose reliable manufacturers to buy products. Many beverage shops have also begun to promote biodegradable environmentally friendly paper cup lids. Glaman manufacturer is the earliest and unique paper lid manufacturers provides you with unique biodegradable bagasse paper lid at the best price and the best quality .

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