Are you interested in plastic free paper products?

Jun 07 , 2021

Are you interested in plastic free paper products?

In order to meet the requirements of global banned regulation of plastic products,our factory,Xiamen Glaman Environmental Technology Co.Ltd, increases the production of the best quality paper products for people who require biodegradable disposable paper prodocts including rectangular paper bowls,round paper bowls ,paper cup lids that can be made of plastic free paper, aim to protect the earth from being damaged and improve the quality of people life.

Our plastic free products which we use a water-based barrier coating solution,dispersion the biodegradable additive(metallic salt of ethylene-methacrylic acid) into water and permeate into paper,then all additive in liquid will be absorbedby the raw paper,no PE/PLA/PBS coated,zero plastic.These products can be disposed of in any paper waste bin domestically,comercially or public recycling bins.

We can produce: leakproof paper bowls and paper lids for soup,salad,rice,sushi,vegetables,paper cup lids for coffee ,beverages ,hot or cold drink and so on in this new solution. white cardboard,kraft and bamboo paper materials are all good to be made.

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