Glaman new-style advertising paper lid

Dec 29 , 2020

Glaman durable disposable paper cup lid is a new advertising paper lid

durable disposable paper cup lid

It is now common to use paper cups for advertising. Paper cup lid advertising is also an effective advertising method, Glaman paper cup lid as advertising both convenient and customer demand, and low cost. As we know, such as Milk Tea Shop, Starbucks, domestic banks, service industry and other enterprises are using paper cup advertising. Glaman disposable paper cup lid is the biggest function with paper cups complete sets, used to hold carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, cold drinks and so on, to prevent overflow when taking away.

So what's the advantage of Graman paper cup cover?

Glaman custom disposable paper cup lid can be customized to their desired patterns or LOGO as well as contact information, two-dimensional code and text, it should be noted that custom paper cup lid wholesale printing patterns should be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, clear outline, uniform color, no obvious spots, Glaman paper cup lid printing using environmentally friendly food grade flexible printing and avoid the drinking hole, is the protection of consumers.

At the same time, there is a printed pattern at the bottom of the cup, and it is easy to rub the color when it is stacked, so this phenomenon can be avoided if printed on paper lid. Custom disposable paper lid  can not only meet the needs of people's lives, but also be used to promote enterprises. Because of the important position of environmental protection and biodegradable disposable paper lid cover in life at present, it will not be excluded to promote enterprises.

Glaman PLA paper cup lid cover’ raw materials: food grade wood pulp paper, bamboo pulp paper or bagasse paper with food grade PLA coated. Paper cup lid is generally divided into cold drink cup lid and hot drink cup lid according to its use. As the name implies, it is a paper cup lid that can hold cold drinks and hot drinks. Cold drink has a characteristic, need to freeze or refrigerate and safe use temperature of 0-5,decided that the paper cup lid as a whole can be waterproof. As a result, the cold drink cup lid’ material is made of food grade paperboard with double PLA coated. This can effectively prevent paperboard to lose the original stiffness and toughness when contact with water.

Paper cup lid advertising is easier to accept, we always use paper cup lid that can drink straightly coffee or beverage will see that it is a micro mandatory, one-on-one, more intuitive effect. For merchants, Glaman paper cup lid is low cost, Glaman paper cup lid’price is more lower than other paper cup lid price, this type of advertising method is cheaper than the traditional method ,can  save a lot of money.

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