Are Glaman disposable paper cups really more eco friendly than disposable plastic cups?

Nov 25 , 2020

Are Glaman disposable paper cups really more eco friendly than disposable plastic cups?

Glaman disposable paper cups are easy to use and have become an essential consumer goods for home, restaurant, office and other places. It is generally believed that it is more ecofriendly than disposable plastic cups.

How are disposable paper cups and plastic cups produced and manufactured?

As to Raw materials ,Glaman disposable paper cups are made from bagasse paper with PLA coated,  PLA is a renewable resource that is extracted from corn starches, which is food grade and can be decomposed in commercial compostable landfill within 90 days. While disposable plastic cups are made from hydrocarbons extracted from oil. From the impact of raw materials on the environment, paper cups do not affect the quality of the environment, and plastic cups can cause environmental pollution.

Recycling and degradation of disposable and plastic cups

Recycling and degradation of disposable and plastic cups

Oil-based disposable plastic cups can only be recycled by landfill, incineration and recycling, but incineration can lead to toxic and harmful gases. While disposable paper cups are composed of renewable bagasse paper and PLA coated, which can be recycled by biodegradation.

Attention about uses of both cups

Some plasticizers are often added to the manufacturing process of disposable plastic cups, which contain a lot of harmful substances. When they are filled with hot water, the harmful substances are diluted into the water, and the inner microporous structure of the plastic cup has many pores.

While Glaman disposable paper cups have superior quality, belong to the food grade biodegradable products, can use for cold and hot food, also can be microwavable and safe in refrigerator, heat resistant,  waterproof and oilproof ,easy to clean.

Thus, Glaman disposable paper cups are better than disposable plastic cups. Both in terms of sustainable development and security, we advocate the choice of Glaman disposable paper cups,which are greaseproof and waterproof and easy to clean, bacteria and dirt is not easy to breed in the cup wall. So using paper cups is more healthy and safer.

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