Polylactic acid (PLA) paper cup lid

Nov 13 , 2020

Polylactic acid (PLA) cup lid

PLA paper lid uses renewable plant resource lactic acid as raw material, which has the advantages of raw material regeneration, complete degradation and biosafety. it is a project developed on the basis of traditional polypropylene (PP) plastic lid in recent years. Because of its simple production process and short production cycle, it adopts extrusion one-time molding process, and with the help of screw extrusion, the hot melt PLA particles are pushed by pressure, and the paper lid of various specifications is cut through the head die after cooling and shaping through the sink.

PLA paper lid

The PLA paper lid has good biodegradability, degradation CO2 and H2O, do not pollute the environment, and can meet the needs of industrial composting. After high temperature extrusion, the paper lid has good thermal stability and good solvent resistance. Its product gloss, transparency and handle properties can replace petroleum-based products. The physical and chemical indexes of the products can meet the requirements of food safety regulations in various places. So it is widely used, basically can adapt to the current market demand for most drinks.

PLA paper lid has good moisture-proof and sealing performance at room temperature, but it will decompose automatically when the temperature is higher than 45℃ or oxygen-rich and microorganism. During the transportation and storage of products, special attention should be paid to temperature, and long time high temperature will lead to deformation of PLA paper lid.PLA paper lid can be used for hot drink and cold drink in the process of use. It is a high temperature resistant and ecofriendly paper lid product.

high temperature resistant and ecofriendly paper lid

Although the price of paper lid is higher than that of plastic lid, the customer experience is very good. Need to use paper and adhesives that meet food safety requirements, if paper lids with printed patterns, also require ink food safety to meet the requirements, because they all need direct contact with food, To ensure the food safety of the product. Paper lid can be exposed to higher temperature drinks or acid drinks, suitable for many drinks on the market.

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