Glaman Green Ecofriendly Paper Products

Dec 07 , 2020

Glaman Green Products

Glaman is an innovative Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Its factory is located in Xiamen, China. Glaman has owned a unique patent for food-grade biodegradable paper lid covers, including white and natural paper lid covers.

white and natural paper lid

Glaman is a professional manufacturer of compostable biodegradable packaging and tableware using recyclable materials, dedicated to the development of creative and unique food grade packaging products, in addition to food grade paper lid cover, The company also has the production capacity of new rectangular paper bowls.

rectangular paper bowls

Glaman company has been moving forward, making more efforts than expected, with a very good global growth prospects, dedicated to providing people around the world with high quality, durable and unique creative packaging products. The only purpose is to replace traditional plastic products and make environmentally friendly products.

In the food service industry, Glaman use ecofriendly materials to produce various economic and environmental-friendly food containers and disposables, replacing the traditional petroleum-based plastic products, they can reduce environmental pollution and reduce the use of limited resources.

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