Ecofriendly bamboo fiber paper lids for hot cups

Our paper cup lids are ecofriendly and leakproof,can be stacked to save a lot of space .currently there are 80mm and 90mm diameter for our paper lids,another size can be produced according to your requirements.
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    White/natural color or customized
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    50000 pcs
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    15-20 days (according to your requiremen
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Ecofriendly bamboo fiber paper lids for hot cups

Product description

We make our paper lids different from other products and our paper lids more thicker than the competition. Our disposable paper cup lids are made from natural bamboo paper ,which are tree-free,carbon-neutral,ecofriendly and sustainable,suitable for hot and cold drink paper cups.these paper cup lids meet international standards for compostability.There are 80mm and 90mm diameter ,natural color and white pure color available for our paper cup lids,custom logo is available

Product details


Ecofriendly bamboo fiber paper lids for hot cups


Natural color


Single layer


food grade paper 



Inner Packing:

PE bag, can be customized as you requirement

Physical Standard:

Waterproof, no leakage with hot or cold water


Non odor, nontoxic, white or natural color appearance, good touching feeling, no sharp edge.


50000 pcs

Versatile paper cup lid manufacturer

Why choose bamboo fiber products?

Bamboo fiber products are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are natural fiber products and it can be decomposted in the right compostable conditions in 90days. When bamboo paper products degrade, they provide natural ingredients back to the environment since they are made from natural, organic and renewable materials. Bamboo paper products are perfect alternatives for us to the environmental protection. Bamboo fiber also has a good insulating effect and the patented design ensures that the disposable paper cup lid really clicks properly on the paper cup.

The main advantages

1. Made from 100% sugarcane ,100% biodegradable, from nature and back to nature

2. 120ºC oil and 100 ºC water resistant, can be used in microwave and refrigerator

3. Healthy, Nontoxic, Harmless and Sanitary ,can be recycled and protect the resource.

4. Embossed(unique embossed design, beautiful and thick, good strength and thoughness)

5. Smooth surface, tight sealing closure.

6.Universal paper lids, can fit 8oz 12oz 16oz 20oz 22oz paper cup

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.